Strong Values in an Organization lead to better decision-making and increased trust between management, staff and stakeholders. They also enable organizations to become leaders in their undertakings.


Integrity : we will operate as a highly ethical Department with a clear set of demonstrated values, which are practiced by all officers. We will choose right over wrong and act in a way that brings honour upon customs.

Inclusiveness : we will embrace diversity, value differences and develop services, which enact these principles.

Responsiveness : we will monitor our service delivery strategies and customer needs closely to predict the changes required to continue to meet expectations.

Accountability : in all our dealings we will take responsibility for our actions and we will undertake to deliver our services or obligations as promised.

Fairness : we will act civilly and impartially to all, with actions and decisions that are balanced, bias-free and sensible.

Service : we will perform our duties in a competent, professional and courteous manner.

Pride: we will believe in our mission and work towards achieving it.

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