The following documents are required for the clearanceof goods from the Courier for Non-Commercial Imports.

  • Freight Bill from the agent having on it the freight amount and name of the consignee/importer.
  • An invoicereflecting the true value paid for goods in the shipment
  • A valid picture ID e.g : Passport, Drivers Licence etc.

And where necessary:

  • Proof of Payment
  • A letter granting permission to clear the goods on behalf of the importer.


  1. The Importer takes the Air Way Bill and Invoice/Receipt and all relevant documents to the Courier Office and presents them presents them to the Customs Officer.
  2. A Customs Officer will ascertain the location of the packages(s) and then retrieve it.
  3. The package(s) is then brought to the examination station and the Customs Officer will begin the examination process.
  4. After the examination has been completed, the necessary Customs Duties are assessed based on the Invoice/Receipt and Freight Bill.
  5. Consignee/Importer makes payment and is issued a Receipt.
  6. The Importer then signs to verify the receipt of his/her package(s) from Customs and exits the Customs area.

NB: The original copy of the Invoice/Receipt and Freight Bill will be retained by the Customs Officer.

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