Baggage Hall

Baggage Hall

Arrival at the Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw Int'l Airport

When arriving at the R.L.Bradshaw International Airport, you are required to present a completed Immigration/Customs Declaration Card along with your passport. (visa, driver's license and other appropriate documentation depending on your country's immigration status)


  1. Ensure that your Immigration/Customs Declaration form is properly filled out to facilitate quick processing by the Immigration Officials and follow the overhead signs.
    If your Airline did not provide you with an Immigration/Customs Declaration Card, you can find one at the Information counter when you entered the hall. Used your time effectively by filling out your forms before advancing to immigration.
  2. After you have been processed by Immigration, retrieve luggage at the baggage claim area.
    Compare your baggage stubs to the baggage tags on your luggage to be certain that you have collected the correct pieces.
  3. Proceed to the Customs Examination Area and present your Immigration/Customs Declaration Card to the waiting Customs Officer for assessment.
  4. The Officer will then decide which pieces of your luggage will be inspected. If there is any duty liable, the Officer will determine the amount payable.
  5. After the inspection process is completed, you are clear to exit the Baggage Hall.

Important Information

The laws of Saint Kitts and Nevis provides for exemptions from duties and taxes for items imported as accompanied baggage of a passenger that includes:

Wearing apparel, articles of personal adornment, toilet requisites and any other portable articles in a passenger's baggage which he/she may reasonably be expected to carry with them during the trip and has been in the passenger's use for a reasonably amount of time.

  1. 1.5 Litres of spirits, wines or proportionate mixes.
  2. Two hundred and fifty (250) grams of manufactured tobacco.
  3. Two hundred (200) cigarettes or one hundred (100) cigarillos.
  4. Fifty (50) cigars.
  5. E.C. $400.00 allowance for residents who have been overseas for a period exceeding seven (7) days.

Provided that:

A passenger shall not be entitled to the exemption granted above in respect of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products in excess of the quantities in those shown above.

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